Wednesday, 12 August 2015

One more sleep until #ALevelresults and #Clearing starts. Here are our last-minute tips to make tomorrow as stress free as possible.

Fingers crossed tomorrow brings more press coverage of 'the best A level results ever'! However, for those not so fortunate to secure their university place, here are a few tips from our team of education consultants on how best to handle the Clearing process.

  1. UCAS Track might update overnight, so you can check your status online before collecting your results
  2. Be prepared. Have your UCAS ID and personal statement to hand when you pick up your results
  3. If you go into Clearing, available courses are updated regularly on the UCAS website and individual university websites. They are also published in the Telegraph.
  4. You will be given a Clearing number, which you will need to hand before contacting the universities.
  5. If you find a course you are interested in, call the university to check. They may give you a verbal offer there and then.  You can take time to think before confirming your choice on UCAS.
  6. If you go into Adjustment, seriously consider this as a possibility – there are some great courses out there which you could upgrade to.
  7. The process is similar to Clearing. Call the universities first before applying online.
  8. If you do not get the course you are hoping for, you may wish to take time to consider other options, maybe a gap year with relevant work experience. Don’t accept a degree course which is not what you want.
  9. If you get a place on a course which is not your original choice, ask the university about accommodation and finance before making your final decision.
  10. Dont sit around and worry alone. Seek help and support so you gain the reassurance of being on the right path to finding the right solution for your future as soon as possible. Our friendly, experienced consultants are on hand all day and for the weeks to come. You can call Claire on +44 (0)1865 522066 or email Claire on

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