Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Common Entrance not gone to plan? Here are a few tips for parents finding themselves in this nail-biting situation.

1.       Keep calm. Take a deep breath, put your own disappointment aside and carry on.

2.       Praise your child for trying their best. They will have had a knock to their confidence so now is the time to nurture and build self-esteem.

3.       Contact your current school Head as soon as feasible to see if there is any negotiation that can be done with your chosen senior school to change the outcome. Head to Head close working relationships are a crucial first port of call and often resolve the issue.

4.       If your first choice school is definitely out of the picture, follow up with your back-up choice, if you had one. Your current school Head will probably be doing this on your behalf behind the scenes. However, there’s no harm in also touching base yourself. Explaining any issues that may have affected the results during particular exams such as illness, nerves, family troubles is a good way to start. Highlighting what appeals to you about your back-up school as your new first choice option. A bit of relationship building will help.

5.       Suggest a visit to the school with your child as soon as possible. Face-to-face meetings are far better than email or phone. Going the extra mile, meeting the whole family will give the right enthusiastic impression. Research the school before you go so you are clear in your mind why this is now your first choice school. Give your child a bit of interview coaching and practice, so they come across as positive and enthusiastic for all a school offers.

6.       Call an independent education consultant for advice on your back-up and any other schools that might be worth adding to your list for consideration. Talking through your worries and thoughts on a way forward with an independent listening ear might raise options you had not even thought about or might just clarify your thinking that you are already on the right lines.

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