Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Affordable University in the USA for British Students

US university apply

Last year over 10,000 students went to study in the USA, the highest number ever. So what is it that’s attracting more and more UK students to study at University in America?

There are many reasons to choose the US for university and these can include, academic excellence, the huge variety of educational institutions, the advanced technology available to its students and the campus experience.

However for many students it is about a straightforward evaluation of the fees and whether the money well spent in the UK when comparing the academic standards, tutor-student ratios, professor contact time, extracurricular activities and world class facilities, which often exceed many UK universities. For others, it is the attraction of many generous scholarships that many well-funded US Colleges/ Universities offer to international students and you do not need to be an outstanding academic or elite athlete to be eligible.

Last year, many British students studied in the USA. These students had adequate funding before they were approved to study in the US. Don't let funding get in your way; student loans and scholarships can help you cover:

· Tuition & Fees

· Books & Supplies

· Food & Groceries

· Room and Board

· Entertainment

· Travel & Transportation

· Clothing & Toiletries

· Saving & Investments

If you find yourself still struggling with a funding gap, it's not too late to get money with an international student loan or a scholarship!
  You may find that your education in the USA is TOTALLY FREE!

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