Sunday, 21 October 2012

Managing Worries Surrounding Bucks 11 Plus Results

Families with a child in year 6 will now be biting their finger nails awaiting 11+ results on the 30th November 2012. Even though all may appear calm at home, playground banter and nerves is inevitable, as well as worrying about the test outcome, its effect on their future schooling and their desire to please you. 

Keep the 11+ in context. Retaining perspective is vital. Talk openly with your child about how they are feeling. Reassure them that effort is as important as results and you will be proud of their efforts, no matter what the outcome. If you have promised a special treat for success, consider if they might also receive a reward for significant effort since success may be hard to define, when the end result –grammar school place allocation, is out of your hands.

Talk up your Plan B school, so they know you will make sure they have educational opportunities to reach their true potential. Every school has good points to highlight, so research your local school carefully. Ask parents with children at the school to share its strengths. Be prepared with strategies you will put in place to monitor their education carefully and explain that you have plans if they need extra support or access to a whole range of sporting and musical opportunities via local clubs, if these are not offered at your local school. 

Even if it causes you to panic inside, your child must not know. They must believe they have no need to worry and that you will make sure everything turns out okay in the end.

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