Sunday, 28 October 2012

To tutor or not to tutor, that is the question!

When speaking to a parent with a child in year 5 this week about 11+ preparation it occurred to me other parents might have similar dilemmas. Is my child capable of passing? When to start preparation? Is tutoring necessary and where do I find one? Should I arrange weekly lessons throughout this year, or book an intensive course later? What can I do at home? Where can I find resources relevant to the specific nature of the Bucks test?

Grammar schools afford a fantastic opportunity for a challenging, academic education for the right child. For the wrong child, they can knock confidence and self-esteem. Ask yourself if your child scrapes through the 11+, after hours of extra tutoring, will they struggle with the academic rigour once there, and what perception will they develop of their ability, if placed in bottom sets?

A realistic assessment of their capabilities is a good place to start. Tutoring centres such as Flying Start Tuition or Maple Education, offer a free assessment. As a no obligation, pre-cursor to your child studying with them, they will give experienced, honest advice regarding your child's chances of passing, recommend how much support they need and what form this should take. Local tutor details can be found on our website.

There are many resources both online and in printed form. Before buying, check they are verbal reasoning based and suitable for the specifics of Bucks. Vocabulary is vital, so encourage your child to read. Performing under time pressure is a key challenge which needs practice to ensure they have a go at all questions.

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