Thursday, 22 November 2012

Tips for parents preparing for Bucks 11+ results day

Are you nervously awaiting Buckinghamshire 11+ results on 30th November?

Plan to get out of the house. Waiting to ambush the postman won’t change the outcome and may whip you up into a frenzy of nerves.

If you receive positive news praise, reward and celebrate, but be sensitive to other children and parents for whom the news may not have been so good. Jumping for joy at the school gates when other parents and children may be disappointed is not very community spirited. This might be a good time for your child to learn modesty and sensitivity amongst peers.

If unsuccessful, give your child space and time to come to terms with the news. Hide your own feelings at all costs. When ready, discuss handling questions about results from schoolmates and remind them of the support structure around them. Talk positively about Plan B. If you have options such as an independent or free school, review them again. Highlight opportunities to make new friends and try different activities or subjects.

If the result was unexpected and you feel strongly that grammar is the right environment for your child, discuss the result with their Headteacher. Ask if there is cause and academic evidence to support your view. If in mutual agreement, apply for a Selection Review Pack. Submit your request form and evidence by 14th Dec 2012.

Be aware that your child’s confidence may have taken a knock. Continue to reassure and praise them for their achievements over the coming weeks and months and about their future schooling. However, try not to be consumed by it!

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